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Be wise to phishing

Phishing is the fastest growing type of internet fraud. A successful phish could con you into disclosing personal details, bank account information, credit or debit card details and more. Make sure you know how to avoid being phished. Here are some guidelines.


If you are ever unsure, type in the address bar.


OLD TFG will NEVER send you a link in an email to click in order to access the OLD TFG website. If you accessed this site using a link in an email, it may not be the OLD TFG site.


Make sure you have SPF (Sender protection framework) enabled on your mail account. Any mails which are in your "Junk Mail", "Spam", "Pending" or "Held" mail box are NOT from OLD TFG. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and many others automatically put emails which do not pass the SPF check in your junk mail folder. Find out more about SPF at


For information on phishing and help avoiding being "phished", go to